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    Hoob Mars Bronze Mini
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    Hoob Nula Mini
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HOOB Group

Conceptual Design

Collected here are ideas that can transform the daily routine. Passion to design, create and resonate in the modern world. Connecting to humans through product, brand and content. We create cutting-edge design, content and campaigns that resonate emotionally with targeted audiences and we have the knowledge and experience to perform perspective ideas into marketable solutions.

Hoob Go Hookah

Having chosen certain areas, our team is fully immersed in the study of what needs to be improved, changed in this area or in a particular product. From design and visual characteristics to functionality and durability. All these parameters are taken into account when developing new HOOB products.

We use only premium and certified materials that will give you genuine delight in the process of using products and accessories manufactured under the HOOB brand. In the process of creating new models, we try to find new previously unused technologies that allow us to bring completely new properties to traditional products. That is why we cooperate only with professionals, people who live by their craft and are ready to offer high-quality innovative solutions. The main concept of the brand is the combination of the most modern technologies and elements made by craftsmen by hand. Thus, quality, design and functionality are integrated into one.