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  1. 8mm Plastic Ball
    8mm plastic ball for Purge Valve

    Applicable for all Hoob hookahs

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  2. Magnetic Ring Go | for Hose Connector
    Hose Connector Magnetic ring

    For Go model in all series (Start, Black, Supreme)

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  3. Diffuser Go

    Stainless steel diffuser regulates air flow of hookah and makes it more silent.

    2 Stages:

    • No Diffuser - Classic air flow
    • Diffuser installed - Light and silent air flow
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  4. Downstem Tube | Go

    Downstem tube for Go hookahs.

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  5. Hoob Plug Mini Gold | Magnetic hose connector

    Original Hoob Hose Magnetic Connector for 10-11mm inner diameter silicone hookah hose.
    Hoob Plug Futurist Gold connects to hookah via Magnetic Power.
    It is applicable for all Futurist Series hookahs with Magnetic connectors.
    Hoob Plug Futurist Gold is used in hookahs released from 2018.

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